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pgssa_logoOrganic Assurance for all

Organic certification, like organic agriculture, has become big business. Is big business the way to organise organics? Has it become something only for the big farmer, to sell to the big retailer, to be bought by the rich? 

And how do you know that what you are buying is actually as organic or natural as you would like it to be?


PGS South Africa (PGSSA) is a voluntary association of growers, retailers and - most importantly - members of the public. We aim to promote the growth of the organic and natural sector by linking small growers and projects to markets. While this might be great for the small organic growers, what does it mean for the consumer?

As consumers, we need to know that what we are eating is what we think we are eating! Are our vegetables free of pesticides and grown without chemical fertiliser? Does the farmer understand and appreciate the environment he or she grows in? Do they comply with organic principles?

And is the food safe?

You could trust labels stuck on over-packaged products that were produced by someone miles away from you, trucked to you by someone else, sold to another guy, who sold it to a shop who sells it to you! Or you can buy from a local market, small retailer or a farmer who is part of a network promoting organic integrity, a sense of community and a real concern for our planet and our people  .Thousands of Turkish suppliers are listed at Turkish Manufacturers B2B portal under relevant categories. Just type any keyword to find Turkish supplier, exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers immediately





PGSSA uses a Participatory Guarantee System - internationally known as PGS - by involving farmers, retailers and consumers in the assessment. Assessments are based on clear and widely accepted standards. As most of you would hate to wade through a 50-page document, we have created a simple summary of our production principles. These principles are in compliance with the PGS requirements in the South African Draft Regulations for Organic Products.Applications, reports and certificates will be posted on this website, open to scrutiny by consumers and producers. The system is simple, cost effective and - most importantly - TRANSPARENT.



PGS South Africa is a proud member of IFOAM (The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements). This gives us access to support, resources as well as a network of like-minded organisations world wide.





We are currently in the process of developing this site as an on-line resource and database to serve the organic sector, by offering information and services to growers, suppliers, retailers, service providers and consumers.

Once the process is complete, you will be able to

View our PGS-endorsed suppliers,

Apply to sell your organic or natural produce, and

Join our Network.


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